How it Works?

We at VA-Philippines take on the task of finding employees suitable to your needs. You can hire those Virtual Assistants from a pool of already shortlisted candidates who are scrutinized by us as per your requirements.


Here's the step by step guide to how it works:

  • You fill the contact form with your contact details and number of Virtual Assistants you require.
  • We contact you immediately for more information on your requirements and preferences.
  • On the basis of your requirements we publish job vacancy ads in the leading job sites. The applicants have to undergo different sets of tests and interviews we have designed in order to be shortlisted and introduced to you.
  • Only the best 2-3 are shortlisted and you receive their contact details along with other information.
  • You interview and hire only those selected candidates instead of 100's of applicants.
  • A work contract is signed between you, VA-Philippines and the selected candidate.
  • You start to work immediately with your newly hired Virtual Assistant, without worrying about the hassle of payroll and costs like - rent, insurance etc...
  • You can use our monitoring software, so you can check anytime if your Virtual Assistant has been working for you instead of playing games, or checking Facebook....
  • Your Virtual Assistant take orders from you and reports only to you, so you have total control over the direction and the pace of the work.

At any point of time you require our assistance we are always available.