Why hire Virtual Employees?

An entrepreneur big or small is constantly juggling between repetitive tasks and fresh new ideas, with not enough time to do it all. A capable pair of hands is what's needed at these times, a Virtual Assistant is that pair of hands.

Why Hire Virtual Employees instead of a local employee you can keep an eye on at all time in your office:

  • Reduced cost
  • Zero Rent
  • No insurance
  • No long term obligations
  • Pay rate as per the assistants country of residence instead of your own
  • Hire multiple candidates simultaneously for multiple projects thus increasing speed
  • No geographical restrictions on skilled candidates

Why Philippines?

  • Skilled and well Educated
  • Low Cost
  • Fluent in English
  • Infrastructure
  • Hardworking

Philippines has a 97.5% literacy rate with over quarter of a million of students graduating each year fluent in English in different fields of education - generic and or professional. These are skilled hard-working candidates who work for local salaries. Filipinos are used to working with businesses abroad and are willing to work your office hours as well as while you are relaxing. The salaries are around one-third when compared to most of the first world countries. Almost every household has internet connection and they are available on phone, Skype, video when needed or asked for, and they speak and understand English as well as any native English speaking person.

In today's world hiring an assistant is no longer a luxury.