What VA-Philippines offers:

What does VA-Philippines services include?

• Job vacancy ads posted in some of the top job portals across the country.
• Qualified applicants are interviewed and undergo various tests to check their aptitude and attitude.
• Free access to our monitoring software.
• Freedom from the hassle of taking care of the Virtual Assistant's payroll or other costs related to hiring an employee.

How do I get started?

• You just need to call us on Skype or fill the contact form with your details and we will call you back.

I want to hand pick my employees?

• All Virtual Assistants are hand picked by you, you are introduced to a few shortlisted candidates and you choose with whom you want to work.

Do I have to worry about payroll, insurance and taxes for the Virtual Assistant?

• No. We take care of all the paper work and monetary issues with the Virtual Assistant, you pre-pay only the salary and we do the rest of the work for you.

Do I get a dedicated employee?

• Yes, these Virtual Assistants work solely for you when hired and report to you.

How do I know the right person is being hired for the position?

• You decide who is going to get hired, you select the candidate from the shortlisted pool. If you don't feel the person is right, you are free to ask us for more candidates

Can I check resumes, background and interview the candidates before they are hired?

• Yes. When we introduce you to the shortlisted candidates, we give you access to the details of the candidates, along with the results of the tests scores.

After selecting the Virtual Assistant, what next?

• You sign a contract with VA-Philippines, the monitoring software is installed on the VA's computer and you get access to the online interface, and you start working immediately.

Can I hire part-time Virtual Assistants?

• Yes, we offer both Full-time and Part-Time Virtual Assistants.

Can I hire multiple Virtual Assistants at the same time?

• Yes, We don't have any limitations on the number of Virtual Assistants you want to hire.

How soon can the Virtual Assistant start working after being hired?

• Immediately. As soon as the contract is signed and the salary is paid, you can start immediately.

Can I hire a Virtual Assistant on part-time basis and later change it to full-time?

• No. The job ads are published with information as to if it's a full-time or part-time position, the candidates who apply for part-time might not be available for full-time work, so we do not guarantee the change from part-time to full-time.

Skills / Domain / Professionals:

I need a team of Virtual Assistants with mixed skills.

• We have no restrictions to the number of Virtual Assistants you can hire or the professional fields, please look at the table for the different types of Virtual Assistants you can choose from. If what you are looking for is not in the list, please contact us and we can make a proposal specific for your needs.

Which skills / professionals can you provide?

• We offer a wide range of skilled professionals, please take a look at the table to check out the prices. If your choice is not in the list, we can make a custom proposal.

Do you have Technical Virtual Assistants?

• Yes, whether it's basic skills and/or Professionals, we can find them for you.

Do have a Virtual Assistant who speaks English Fluently without accent?

• According to your requirements, we will select candidates who have neutral accents or if you need US/UK accents.

Will I be hiring the Virtual Assistant?

• Yes, we do all the pre-hiring process and later we take care of the payments etc... but you decide who to hire.

Contract, Billing and Termination:

What is the contract?

• The client signs a basic work contract with VA-Philippines, outlining the duration, cost, ownership & other details for hiring of the VA.

Do I get a refund if I terminate the contract?

• If for some reason you need to terminate the contract with your Virtual Assistant you get a refund for the unused time.

Are there any other hidden costs?

• No.

Can terminate the contract if I'm not satisfied?

• Yes, if for some reason you need to terminate the contract, you need to give us a months notice, because that's the notice period we give to all our employees.

Working with the Virtual Assistant:

How do I communicate with the Virtual Assistant after hiring?

• Once the Virtual Assistant is hired, you decide with him/her which way you prefer to communicate with them, Skype, phone, email …...

Can I train my Virtual Assistant?

• Yes. If you want / feel that the Virtual Assistant needs to do the work in a certain way you can train them.

How is Virtual Assistant supervised?

• Your Virtual Assistant works only for you, and reports back only to you. You are free to decide how you supervise your Virtual Assistant.

Can I change the working hours of my Virtual Assistant?

• Yes. You decide what are the working hours of your Virtual Assistant and can discuss with them about the change anytime.

Can I monitor the Virtual Assistant's work while they are working?

• Yes. You get access to our monitoring software, which needs to be installed on the computer of the Virtual Assistant. Here's the link to the site – www.myteammonitor.com

Security & Ownership:

My data is sensitive and confidential.

• We understand that your data is important to you and so the only people who will have access to it will be you and your Virtual Assistant.
• If you wish you can use Google drive or other virtual drives to store data instead of your Virtual Assistant's computer.

Ownership of the works / source codes / designs?

• The client has exclusive ownership over the work done by the Virtual Assistant for him.